Early 20th Century Edwardian Style Mahogany Wing Chair

We removed all of the fabric, filler, springs, tacks, etc. to expose the frame so we could assess the condition and structural needs. We performed all of the necessary structural repairs to the frame. The seat rails and nailers were in serious need of repair. The previous upholsterer used wood putty to fill the large areas of wood which was splintered and missing. 

We removed the previous wood filler, re-glued the splintered and split sections and made our own mixture of saw dust and glue to both fill and adhere the nailers. As a result of multiple upholsteries, the other areas required the same treatment because the wood has voids. One wing from the broken leg was missing with a section of the other missing as well. 

The frame required refinishing. We hand-stripped the finish from the frame to the raw wood. We hand sanded and prepared the chair frame for staining and finishing as per the original color. The finish was hand-rubbed and buffed to a satin sheen and a coat of Rosini?s American Custom Paste wax was applied and burnished to a satin, semi-gloss luster. 

We fully rebuilt and reupholstered the chair using traditional methods: such as 8-way hand tied coil spring construction on burlap webbing, hand stitched fox edge, horse hair, cotton muslin. The chair had a traditional, tight seat, therefore, we followed suit.