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Mid 19th Century Rococo Revival Rosewood Sofa

The sofa was structurally repaired, the original finish to the frame was reconditioned, and completely reupholstered. We carefully removed the existing fabric and upholstery exposing the raw frame. We removed all of the tacks and/or staples used to secure the materials to the frame. We performed the necessary structural repairs to the sofa frame. We gently cleaned the surface of the exposed frame and repaired the missing carving with a piece of rosewood. We matched the profile and finished to match. We reconditioned the original finish, applied a custom paste wax, and buffed to a satin sheen for preservation. We fully rebuilt and reupholstered the frame as per the original using traditional materials and methods i.e.: hand webbed, eight-way hand tied coil spring construction with hand stitched fox edge, horse hair, cotton and muslin etc. The sofa was trimmed with a gimp. On display at the Queens Historical Society Museum.

Antique Furniture Reupholstery
Antique Furniture Reupholstery
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