Furniture Services

The Finest in Antique Furniture Repair and Restoration on Long Island, NY

Our service offering includes:

  • Fine furniture and antique repairs, conservation, restoration and refinishing

  • French polishing

  • Comprehensive surveys, detailed reports and appraisals

  • Caning and rush

  • Lamp and chandelier repairs, rewiring

  • China, ceramics, porcelain and objects d’ art repairs and restoration

  • Marble and glass repairs and replacement

  • Silver repairs and polishing

Claims Analysis

We apply hands-on expertise in all estimating, inspections, evaluating, surveys, reports and appraisals in the Tri-State Area. The claims analysis aspect of our business involves the evaluation of furniture, household items, antiques and objects of art to assess the extent of physical damage directly sustained as the result of fire, flood/water exposure, vandalism or transport.

Rosini Furniture Service consults leading firms including insurance companies, independent adjusters and moving and storage companies along with the private individual seeking resolution due to a peril. We provide highly detailed reporting supported by photographs, cataloging and documentation. We have built a solid reputation by providing quality antique furniture repair and restoration. Our mission includes attaining great levels of client satisfaction based on thousands of signed satisfaction slips for services performed for those affected by the peril and restored good faith with the company.


Appraisal Services

John J. Rosini has served as the former President and is an active member of the local Long Island Chapter of the American Society of Appraisers. Mr. Rosini is disciplined in appraising personal property and furniture with experience in appraisals of antique furniture, fine furniture and household goods throughout the Tri-State Area.


Replacement Value – Comparable

The price in terms of cash or other precisely revealed terms that would be required to replace a property with another of similar age, quality, origin, appearance, and condition within a reasonable length of time in an appropriate and relevant market. Intangible provenance value is additive as appropriate.

Replacement Value - Cost New

Cost to replace a property with an equivalent or sub-statute which is new, using modern materials, techniques and standards which satisfies the description or use of the replaced property. The present cost of replacing the property with one having the same quality and utility.

Reproduction Cost

Total cost to reproduce a replica of a subject property at current costs. Replacement property would be constructed in a design and with materials consistent with the described piece of property being replaced by a qualified artist or craftsman.


Fair Market Value

Fair Market Value is the price at which the Property would change hands between a willing seller, neither being under any compulsion to buy or sell and both having reasonable knowledge of relevant facts.


Marketable Cash Value

Marketable Cash Value represents the anticipated net proceeds (or cash in hand) that would be yielded from the orderly sale of a property once all costs of sale were subtracted. It represents the amount not merely obtained (paid in full) including any buyer’s premiums, taxes, etc.) by buyer but retained (received seller) from sale.


Orderly Liquidation Value

The most probable price in terms of cash, or other precisely revealed terms, for which the property would change hands under required and limited conditions in an orderly manner, generally advertised, with reasonable time constraints, in an appropriate and relevant market-place, with knowledgeable buyers.


Forced Liquidation Value

The most probable price in terms of cash, or other precisely revealed terms, for which the property would change hands if sold immediately, without regard to relevant market place.



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