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April 5, 2022

" A trusted professional whose entire staff restores and repairs a wide array of furniture and priceless antiques for us for over forty years." 

Mr. D


September 1, 2021

" Rosini is one of the finest craftsman I have ever encountered for finishing or Upholstery. Five stars!!"

Sean Walsh, Douglaston, NY. 


August 27, 2021

" Thank you for the spectacular work you do as well as  your best wishes and prayers. You are your business are truly special."

Fondly, Barbara H. Garden City, NY

November 10, 2020

" On Monday November 9, 2020, we searched the internet for a furniture repair specialist and said a little prayer that we would be able to find someone who could handle the split wood in two areas of a delicate glass and wood kitchen cabinet door. Our cabinets are really special to us, and we accidentally affected while cleaning the inside and its contents. If one were  ruined and not functional, the entire kitchen would not look the same. We care for our furniture and knew we had to get an exceptional professional to handle this problem. It was an answer to our prayers and the Luck of the Irish that we found John from Rosini Furniture Service. He is a true professional and perfectionist. Two days later the doors were perfect. John was so accommodating, knows the business very well, and we are extremely grateful to him for everything. John will be highly recommended to our friends and family, and will be seeing us again in the near future. Thank you John for a magnificent job well done."

The Dennis & Catherine K. 

October 28, 2020

" I went to Rosini with a very old and banged up typewriter table. It was in need of being refinished. Mr. R. was helpful and explained what could be done. The result was perfect. The table looked like new. I would recommend Rosini Furniture Service to anyone. I recently made arrangements for additional work. 

The workmanship is excellent. In addition, Mr. Rosini is courteous, friendly, and a pleasure to communicate with."

Roberta C.

Early 20th Century Walnut Tudor Style Dining Chairs

May 16, 2015 

Dear John & Staff, 

I still can't believe the magic you worked on my dining room chairs. Being early 20th century and needless to say many, many years of use, I thought "they've had it!" But you proved me wrong! The frames don't wiggle, the upholstery is regal and the hob nails shine! 

I know when the time comes this dining room set will be passed on to my granddaughter (she already claimed it) as it was to me from my grandmother. AND, if she has any problems, with the rest of the set, she will call J. Rosini for quality work. 

Thanks for restoring the furniture and my memories. 

Sincerely, Karen R.

March 2016 

“I had several old pieces of furniture in need of repairs; several chairs, a chest, a decorative table, footstool and bench all needed re-conditioning, rebuilding and/or reupholstering. John came and gave an estimate (which was right on target minus one small change) and carefully carted everything away. I have most pieces back and am thrilled at the quality of the repairs. John and Carol were a breath of fresh air in comparison to the renovation hassles we all go through, this was one piece of the puzzle that was smooth, straightforward and worth the cost.”

- Laurel B.

March 2016 

“My husband and I had a 1906 Carved Oak China Cabinet repaired and restored by John Rosini. He was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. The cabinet was given to my husband by his Great Aunt and it had been sitting in our basement for years. John knew exactly what to do to bring this beautiful piece back to its original beauty. I feel that John has a real love and appreciation for the pieces he works on. We are very happy with the results, the cabinet looks beautiful and is now in our dining room. Working with John and Carol was a pleasure.”

- Lenore S.

March 2016 

“Moving is always stressful, and when things get damaged in the move, it becomes more stressful! Rosini Furniture came to the rescue, with great service, reasonable turn-around time, and pleasant people to deal with. On a scale of 1 to 10, they get an 11.”

- Becky W.

March 2016 

“Many years ago, when my parents moved to Florida, I ended up with a round lamp table that stood in our living room for as long as I could remember. My Mother told me if I would ever have the table refurbished, to use Rosini (who then had a location in Forest Hills, Queens). Flash-forward 20+ years. Thanks to the web, it was a cinch to track down Rosini Furniture Services in their "newer" location. I email photos of the table to which John Rosini quickly responds that it is a Weiman Lamp Table. Darned if he wasn't correct! I immediately look for a marking and low and behold, there is a Weiman label on the underside of the table. Promising my Mom that I would have Rosini work on the table should the time come, it is clear to me that she was one smart woman. The table just arrived back home today (2 weeks ahead of schedule -- thanks, John!) and it is simply stunning. I could not be happier in regards to the workmanship, and customer service I received throughout this process.

Having had a very negative experience with another re-finisher (used because they were sent to me via the furniture manufacturer), I do not sing Rosini's praises lightly. Furniture re-finishing and refurbishment is truly a craft, and Rosini Furniture Services excels at that craft.

They will be refinishing another table for me in the very near future.

Thanks, Rosini Team! ”

- Susan W.

March 2016 

“John Rosini has restored and refinished several of my family's pieces, some dating to 1890. He is careful in understanding how I want each piece refinished. I have never been disappointed. Magnifique!”

- Linda R.

February 2014 

“During our trans-Atlantic move to New York, we shipped all of our furniture and had one unlucky breakage which was our 1940s Burmese roll-top desk. The moving company recommended Rosini for the repair, and it was a great recommendation.

Rosini was professional and responsive in their written communications, and when they came in person to both collect and return the piece, the team was friendly, careful, and knowledgeable...I had a lot of questions about my piece of furniture, and they clearly have a lot of experience in and passion about their industry.

The nature of the breakage was a bit tricky, so it wasn't a straightforward repair which was reflected in the price which was definitely more than we had originally intended to pay. There was also a hefty charge for collection / delivery in Manhattan which is probably pretty standard in NYC (and obviously a convenience), but none the less something to consider.

However we came to find that the higher expense reflected the top quality of work delivered. We were so happy with the repair job (I couldn't even tell which leg had broken!), and Rosini really brought some life back to the whole piece which had dried out considerably over time. It feels like a new piece of furniture. ”

- Kate M.

May 2014 

“We found Rosini's via Yelp, and we decided to give them a call based on the single review that was written on their behalf there to date. Once we spoke to John, we liked what we heard, and when we took our antique coffee table that had been in our family for a long time to his shop, we appreciated the insight he shared on what we had, and what it would look like if we had him restore it. The cost was not inexpensive, but we trusted that John knew what he was talking about, and the finished product is so beautiful, that we are extremely glad we followed our hearts and let Rosini's do their thing with it, as their website says "delighting in the day-to-day craft work." I would recommend them highly.”

- John T.



“We wanted to let you know how pleased we were with Rosini Furniture Services. John Rosini and his team have done a great job. We have all but two pieces completed, but he promises them back the first of the year. Our furniture no longer looks like it has survived the great flood! We would highly recommend them to friends and suggest that you keep them on your “go-to” list.”

-Suzanne L., NYC Re: Insurance claimed flood damages


“We are thrilled with the work. …We are very happy with the repairs that were made to our maple secretary and mahogany highboy dresser. The damage done by the movers is completely imperceptible. The pieces look brand new. Rosini Furniture Restorers are very fine craftsmen - miracle workers! I will recommend their services to anyone in need of furniture restoration.”

- J. Strongin

 ‘Antiques Without Tears’

“I have had the pleasure of knowing John J. Rosini for almost 20 years.  During that time he has repaired and polished several of my most treasured pieces.  He has shown competence, integrity and a great respect for beauty.  I would not hesitate to recommend him.”

-Arlyn I. - New York

“We are delighted with the outcome of both the nest of tables and the Gentleman’s Hall Plaque.  The beautiful workmanship reflects the patience and professionalism that you and your staff achieve.

We know that you went above and beyond the original work order agreement and for that we are appreciative.

We will display the Plaque in our new home in New Jersey with pride and sentiment.

Dad would be so happy to know that it has been restored and improved (even from it’s original condition).  The piece certainly deserves such care and attention.”

-Robert S. - New Jersey

"For Christmas dinner this year, it was wonderful to be able to use the dining table, chairs and sideboard that have been in my family for four generations and that you so beautifully restored and refinished. They're stunning.

Your wealth of knowledge about antique furniture, all aspects of its proper restoration and your true craftsmanship are all extraordinary. I want to let you know how much I appreciate your fine work, your attention to every little detail and your interest in learning the family history attached to these cherished pieces."

-Cary S.

"The name, John Rosini, is synonymous with confidence, professionalism, expertise, quality of work and honesty.  These attributes are not easily found in very many people at the same time, so when I recognized them all in John, I realized that I could trust him with our precious antiques and know that what he would do at least what he said he would do, at the price he quoted. With the very first restoration he did for us, he did  far more than we expected, taking the time required to do what we thought would be impossible.  Without reservation and with confidence, I would recommend John Rosini to work on any piece of furniture that he would take into his shop, knowing that his work will be done professionally and with integrity. "

-Joseph F.

 “Rosini Furniture Service, under the careful eye of John Rosini, repaired, polished and refinished my fine antique furniture. Their work is exquisite.  The crew did much of the work in my apartment and I found them to be clean, considerate and timely.  The furniture glows.  John repaired some very damaged pieces in his shop and they came back better than I could have expected.  I also asked John to build a stand for me.  He did exactly what we spoke about and he added touches that made the finished product work really well. I can high endorse Rosini Furniture Service and will happily call upon them again to do work for me.”

-Ellen K.

“Our belongings sustained some inevitable move-related damage during a corporate transoceanic transfer.  The insurance department of our relocation company referred us to Rosini Furniture Service, and we cannot adequately express how very pleased we were with the quality of service provided and work performed.  Every damaged item, including furniture, fine art and other one-of-a-kind pieces, was completely repaired and fully restored.  John and his entire team were a pleasure to work with and we would certainly recommend them to others.”

-Catherine T. - Rye Brook

“We have been highly satisfied customers of Rosini Furniture Service for many years.  Their skill, integrity and professionalism are of the highest order.  It is a pleasure to deal with them.”

 Myrna & Shelly T.

 Dear Carol:

“I truly cannot offer high enough praise for the workmanship and professionalism which we experienced with Rosini Furniture Service. We recently returned from living in China, accompanied by various pieces of Chinese furniture, including an antique Chinese altar. We were dismayed to find one of the legs had been broken off, and in a very uneven, disjointed manner.  We were both quite certain it could never be repaired, but our insurance company directed us to Rosini.  We sent the piece off, certain we would be told it was a hopeless case, but were delighted to receive a call just a couple of weeks later saying the piece was repaired and ready for delivery!  When it arrived, we were simply speechless…it is literally impossible to tell where the break was! Visitors in our home always admire the piece and  I have to stop myself from telling them that it was damaged and had to be repaired!  If I do tell people, they are truly amazed.In addition to the incredible workmanship, our repair was handled in a very expedient manner because we were returning to China and wanted the piece back before we once more left the country.I would not hesitate to recommend Rosini to anyone needing furniture repair.”

-Jane & Bruce M.

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