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Furniture Repair & Restoration Job Details

Make all necessary structural repairs to the job with the utmost of efficiency, keeping in mind cost effective methods. Disassemble and repair chairs, casings and furniture, etc. Setting in loose veneers and replacing veneer when missing. Identifying veneers & woods. Match and run the veneer in the proper way. Using either white glue, epoxy or various types of epoxy. Duplicate missing parts; i.e., carvings, moldings, hinges, etc. Manufacturer major missing parts; i.e., bed rails, etc. Clean, polish, wax, restore, recondition and touch up furniture and antiques. Strip, sand, putty and preparing. Staining using various methods, applying finishes, sealer, catalyzed lacquers, shellac, polyurethane, oil finishes, etc. Learn complete repairs and refinishing. Involved & participate within the project meetings with recommendations to methods and techniques to expedite the restoration process, estimate time for repairs/restoration to give to John to compile information in preparation of client’s estimate. Responsible to keep supplies in stock by submitting supply requests to the order dept. It is your responsibility to inspect the order supplies when received for quality control; i.e., wood and veneers.

*Pay is commensurate to skills and competitive

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