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Find expert reupholstery services here at Rosini Furniture Service!

We pride ourselves in full comprehensive and thorough reupholstery service.

Many reupholsters simply remove the top layer of fabric, weave a new layer of webbing over the existing to cut corners and sure up the foundation. They often, add a little foam, Dacron, and/or cotton batting to the existing upholstery and call it "reupholstered".  

Some even just put fabric over the existing upholstery making it bulky and distorting it's shape. 


When it comes to structural repairs to the frame of the piece, they often install screws, staples, metal brackets to mask the structural deficits. 


With regards to their approach to restoring cosmetic appearance of the wood frames, they often use aerosol spray cans which contain tints and dyes, to cover up the blemishes and distressing often obscuring the natural beauty of the wood


We Set Ourselves Apart

We remove all upholstery elements to expose the raw frame which enables us to properly access and facilitate a thorough structural restoration. We bring back the frames original structural integrity to make it sound and stable in and of its' own.

Now, the frame can be disassembled and fully re-glued and assembled. Sometimes, individual components need sub repair due to breakage. Doweling, Splines,  Corner Support Blocks and new wood are often added to reinforce and/or replace a component. 


Once the frame is structurally sound, we address the cosmetic aspect of the restoration. We often take a conservative approach to preserving the originality and historical integrity of an antique / vintage object. We use and offer our own proprietary products and methods within the restoration process. We refer to them as "General Polishing", "Reconditioning", often employing the "French Polishing" method to revive and restore the objects existing finish.  

WE DON'T JUMP to refinishing conclusions when we feel the object's finish can be revived and retained. Only if it's necessary and / or it's the clients choice, we implement the full stripping and refinishing process.  

We are finishing specialists. We can alter, modify and implement all types of modern finishes, High Gloss colored lacquers, antiquing effects, shabby chic, gilded surfaces etc.  

Our Upholstery Process is as follows: 

  • We painstakingly  remove all the existing fabric and core upholstery, webbing, tacks, staples etc. exposing the raw frame.

  • The structural integrity is evaluated at that point, and any necessary disassembly and repairs are performed. Corner glue blocks, and or any reinforcement is installed. 

  • Nailers need to be addressed, we use a saw dust and glue method to repair and often times replacements need to be installed. 

  • The cosmetic condition of the object is then addressed.

  • Whether we take conservative measures first, to full extensive refinishing of the frame.

  • Then, the object goes to our upholstery department for full rebuilding and upholstery.

  • This entails all new webbing, 8 way hand tied coil spring construction, horse hair, synthetic horse hair, foam, Dacron, cotton batting and muslin.

  • Fabric is applied to the frame and trimmed with either double welting and / or gimp.

  • We measure the object to determine the fabric allowance required which is additional the cost of the labor to reupholster.

  • We have an account with many of the major fabric houses.

  • Fabric books and samples are at your disposal.

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