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Furniture Services in Port Washington

We all have one furniture piece that we particularly love. Whether it's the first couch you purchased, or an heirloom piece passed down for generations, many homeowners form a unique bond with their furniture. After years of use, your furniture may begin to look old and worn, and it may be time for an upgrade.


Instead of getting rid of your treasured piece, have it repaired and restored! At Rosini Furniture Service, we care for each piece as if it were our own. We take pride in being the finest in Antique Furniture Repair and Restoration in Port Washington, NY.


Let’s look at some of our offered services: 


Port Washington Furniture Repair and Restoration

Even if your furniture is getting older, that is no reason to get rid of it. Furniture is pretty much made to last, so even if it’s older, there is probably still a lot of life left in it. Whether you’re looking to give your furniture a complete makeover, or maybe you’d like to enhance the vintage quality to match your home décor, we can help!


At Rosini Furniture Service, we can repair and restore your old furniture, or we can give it a completely new look while still preserving the excellent quality it has.


Our Repair and Restoration Service Offering Includes:

- Fine furniture and antique repairs, conservation, restoration and refinishing

- French polishing

- Comprehensive surveys, detailed reports, and appraisals

- Caning and rush

- Lamp and chandelier repairs, rewiring

- China, ceramics, porcelain, and objects d’ art repairs and restoration

- Marble and glass repairs and replacement

- Silver repairs and polishing


Refinishing Services

With three generations of expertise, our artisans possess a vast resource of talents, including refinishing hardwood furniture. Our professionals can identify historical periods, styles, and the appropriate woods for the correct match of materials and technical methods of repair.


Quality hardwood furniture pieces can be expensive to repurchase. Professional refinishing is less expensive than replacing the piece, and you’ll be able to keep the memories attached to your furniture. We’ll even sand, alter, cut down, or re-paint to make your wooden furniture look as good as new!


Reupholstery Services in Port Washington, NY

If you’re in the process of furnishing a house, you’ve likely looked at an old piece of furniture and asked yourself if you should reupholster it or purchase something new. Let’s face it, if you have a piece of furniture that’s 15 years old, it would have fallen apart by now. Give your older furniture new life through our reupholstery services in Port Washington, NY.


Contact a Professional for Furniture Restoration Services

At Rosini Furniture Service, our goal is to provide the finest in antiques, fine and contemporary furniture repairs, restorations, conservation, and refinishing in Port Washington, NY. If you have a loved piece of furniture that you’re not ready to part with, let our experienced professionals help give it new life!


Our furniture restoration professionals have worked on designer pieces from Herman Miller, Jacques Ruhlmann, Alvar Aalto, Charles, and Ray Eames, Gibbons, Karl Springer, and more. We’re up for the challenge!


Contact us online or give us a call today at 516-739-6900 with any questions.

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