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Oyster Bay, NY Furniture Restoration Services

We all have that favorite piece of furniture we just can’t live without. Unfortunately, with so much use, those pieces are often the ones that get damaged or lose their quality first. The good news is that you don’t have to get rid of or replace that cherished furniture; you can make it good as new with expert furniture restoration!


At Rosini Furniture Service, we are proud to serve Oyster Bay and the entire North Shore with masterful furniture restoration techniques. We approach every one of our restoration projects conservatively, using methods that have been perfected over 70+ years to maintain the integrity and revitalize the quality of your piece.


Furniture Repair and Restoration Services in Oyster Bay

Whether you want to refresh the look of your old furniture to suit your evolving style or enhance the original look of a vintage piece, our furniture restoration services are your best solution. When you choose to repair and restore your furniture, you get the same benefits and comfort from your old furniture, but with a brand-new style. Plus, you have the flexibility to always change your pieces as your decorating taste changes.


Rosini Furniture Service has provided expert furniture care to Oyster Bay and the Tri-State area since 1946. Although we specialize in antiques and fine furniture, we can repair, restore, reupholster, or refinish pieces from any era from art deco, mid-century modern and contemporary. Our team has used reliable old-world and new modern restoration techniques to rehabilitate pieces from a wide range of renowned furniture designers.


Our Repair and Restoration Service Offerings Include:

  • Fine furniture and antique repairs, conservation, restoration and refinishing

  • French polishing

  • Comprehensive surveys, detailed reports, and appraisals

  • Caning and rush


Furniture Refinishing & Reupholstery Services in Oyster Bay

Despite its sturdiness, wear and tear can damage your wood furniture over time and detract from its function or natural beauty. Fortunately for individuals, collectors, and dealers in Oyster Bay, the artisans at Rosini Furniture have three generations of expertise in refinishing wooden furniture of all historical periods, styles, and types of wood.


Additionally, we understand that furniture fabrics are not immune to the effects of use and time, so we offer furniture reupholstery services to restore your upholstered pieces as well. You can rest assured we will never cut corners, making comprehensive structural and aesthetic repairs to reinstate or maintain the original integrity of the piece.


To ensure your newly-restored furniture has the look and feel you have in mind, we offer a variety of traditional and modern finishes and fabrics to choose from.


Having served the Oyster Bay community with integrity, dependability, and custom craftsmanship since 1946, no one is better equipped to restore your fine furniture than Rosini Furniture Service.

Let us put our decades of experience and expertise to work for you and your treasured pieces. Contact our specialists today at 516-739-6900 to discuss your furniture restoration needs!

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