Furniture Services in Manhasset, NY

At Rosini Furniture Service, we care for each piece as if it were our own. We take pride in being the finest in antique furniture repair and restoration in Manhasset, NY.


When we work with your furniture, we can identify historical periods, styles, and the appropriate woods for the correct match of materials and technical methods of repair.


Manhasset Furniture Repair and Restoration Services

Our antique furniture repair services are based on over three generations of furniture specialists. We are confident that our skilled professionals have mastered the application of classical and modern finishes, and have a great understanding of the intricate joinery, construction, and veneering of antique furniture.


Our Repair and Restoration Service Offering Includes:

- Fine furniture and antique repairs, conservation, restoration and refinishing

- French polishing

- Comprehensive surveys, detailed reports, and appraisals

- Caning and rush

- Lamp and chandelier repairs, rewiring

- China, ceramics, porcelain, and objects d’ art repairs and restoration

- Marble and glass repairs and replacement

- Silver repairs and polishing


Furniture Refinishing Services in Manhasset, NY

Hardwood is a beautiful and durable material that catches the eyes of those who walk into your home. A solid wood furniture piece is valuable and can last you for years. However, over time, wear and tear can cause minimal damage that can take away from the value of your piece.


At Rosini Furniture Service, we offer refinishing services that will make your furniture look good as new. We’ll sand, alter, cut down, and even re-paint to make your wooden furniture so it can look like its original condition.


Reupholstery Services

Buying furniture can be a significant investment. Because our styles often change, buying furniture isn’t as exciting as it seems. However, one thing that people often forget about is that you don’t always need to buy new furniture. That’s right. Reupholstering the furniture you already have can save you money, time, and you won’t have to go through the stress of finding your next “perfect” piece.


Manhasset Furniture Restoration

At Rosini Furniture Service, our goal is to provide the finest in antiques, fine and contemporary furniture repairs, restorations, conservation, and refinishing in Manhasset, NY. We strive to maintain the integrity of your piece. Using old-world and modern methods we can complete restoration projects of any size.


We’ve even had experience working with designer pieces such as Herman Miller, Jacques Ruhlmann, Alvar Aalto, Charles and Ray Eames, Gibbons, and Karl Springer!


Contact us online or give us a call today at 516-739-6900 with any questions.