Repairs & Restorations

Drum Table

In November of 2015, a prospective client emailed us photographs of her antique wood drum. She explained that she wanted to create a table from the drum, and she provided us with a prototype photograph of a drum table. After a conversation over phone and e-mail we sent her a proposal with actual size drawings of the custom elements needed to make the table. 

In our research, we discovered that there are several different styles of wood drum sticks. We provided several options for wooden drumsticks, eventually choosing with the client the Rock drumstick, made of solid hard maple. It complimented the drum beautifully. 

We then presented our client with an actual size illustrated prototype of a leg and taped it to the drum. We photographed this and emailed it to our client for approval. After feedback from the client we sent over a second prototype ? this was approved. In the first round the table had stumpy legs which we then lengthened and tapered in the second round. This second version included an X-bracket underneath the drum table to attach to the legs for added support, as a final touch, we finished the legs in a natural maple sheen, and distressed it to complement the distress and age of the drum. We hand notched each leg to fit securely around the drum rims as part of the process. 

As you can see, the drum skin has original signatures and caricature artwork drawn on the top. To protect the drum and lend durability to the new furniture piece, we custom cut a 2.5 MM (1/8 in.) thick piece of museum glass to be positioned in the hoop (rim) of the drum head. In addition, we cut a 1/4 inch piece of Starfire glass to the diameter of the outer most part of the legs. This was cut as a tabletop surface. Starfire glass has less iron content than traditional glass and is clear, unlike traditional glass which has a green hue. 

An important part of the process was communication - we provided the client with this drum diagram so that we all understood the names of the various drum components. This made communication easier and enabled us to serve the client to the highest degree.